I visit this board at least twice a day and I have never introduced myselF  

SO HOW THE HELL ARE ALL YOU GUYS AND GALS.  My name is Scott and I'm a busaholic.
I have the fatest color of course, Blue\Sliver (2001 spec). I live in the frozen tundra they call Detroit the only place I know where people are excited to see 50 degrees.
Welcome to the board. I hate to be the one to tell you this .. but everyone knows the black/Blue one is the fastest
Sorry I'm late to this formal introduction, but I've been out riding my Blue/Silver 00. Welcome to the site Scott....................Ks
Hi Scott... My name is Vaughn and I too am a busaholic. But, I feel that by being honest about it and sharing with you guys, that I am heading in the right direction.
Umm, Ahem, All Busa owners know...The Stealth black Busa is the fastest Color...No Exceptions.  Everything else is simply envy

Seriously though, Welcome, I have only been here a week or so, but I think I have found this to be (without a doubt) home of the best bunch of Busaholics, Adrenal Dependants, and Velocity Junkies on the web. The Captain and the rest run a tight ship.

This is Bob and since no one else has said the obvious, Silver/Gray is by far the quickest Busa. I have not formally introduced myself to the board either until now. I have a Harley Ultra as well as the Busa, hence the Flrider handle. I can say I have already received a wealth of information from the guys and gals here. So welcome Scott.
Welcome aboard, uuuuh the board...
Post a pic of you and your ride when you can, putting a name & face together is fun - Aloha
This is Bob and since no one else has said the obvious, Silver/Gray is by far the quickest Busa.[/QUOTE]

Poor Poor misguided souls...

Uhh Bob?  Do you have "Bit*h" Tits?  

If you don't know why I ask then <span style='color:orangered'>please</span> take no offense, (none was meant) and go rent the movie Fight Club, It will put a smile on your Face.

Ed Norton, Brad Pitt, interesting movie...
Hey new guys ...check some of the old posts ... the fastest color discussion has been around for the last couple years.
oh and RARE RED of course won the debate.
Oh I see, Pick on the new Kids huh???

Well I am sure you have a point, though I thought the Red  was the special <span style='color:crimson'>"Ladies Edition",</span>Yeah, didn't it come with a special handbag and some <span style='color:crimson'>custom lipstick</span> to match?

 I am just playin... The whole Color discussion is goofy I admit, But darnit, everyone loves the Busa so much it's hard to find much to argue about...
I was pulling Vrripleys leg the other day talking about all the "Special Performance" mods the SE has...

Seriously though I have NEVER seen the red on the road, What year was it made?

Yep most of our bantor is all fun... The Red is a 2000 model and is the last of the factory unrestricted. Not like I go 200 mph... saw 160 a few times. For me thats enuff.