Insurance Question


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Just curious how you would insure a Turbo Busa...? Say you spent $15k+, you certainly would not want it covered as a normal $10k Busa....?

Also, anyone know what happens if you had, say, two Busas? Would the insurance double? That would seem stupid since you could only ride one at a time.

Lastly, if you had a new rider added to your policy, say a wife or child, would that make the Busa insurance go through the roof?

Just curious.... for future reference....


I'm not sure I don't believe I would tell them that I was riding a Turbo Busa for leisure...If they do their home work they would probably cancel you...

The two bike question would be just like insuring multiple cars you can expect it to be close to what your paying on the single bike with a percentage of a discount...

The additional driver question is sort of a double edged sword...I argued that I would be the only rider of my bike...You can expect a premium increase of the vehicle that will be driven by your child but it should not increase based on your spouse unless she has a bad driving record...

But if your cool with your insuror nothing I said matters they will take care of your needs...
Most of the Turbo parts would still be OK unless someone stold it. Most insurance companies will not insure a Turbo. @ bikes or more you can get a discount on multi policy.