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So I'm living in sunny south Florida now, relocated from the south OC. Ortega Hwy,etc. My current ride is a 2006 Suzuki Gp1300r which I paid cash for and also have it fully insured. (although not required in FL. unless there is a loan on the vehicle) My full coverage rate at age 53 with 35+ years riding is $540 per year. I have been thinking of purchasing a second, more nimble weekend bike as my Busa it set up for touring (Yeah!!) and recently visited my local Suzuki dealer and after looking at the 2013 Suzuki GSX1000R and due to the fact that they are offering 0% financing it was a no brainer. Or so I thought. Anyway long story short. My insurance company (Progressive) wants another $1103.00 per year above my Hayabusa rate to insure. Sorry Suzuki I will not be purchasing a new bike due to the obscene insurance rates in Florida. Suzuki USA are you listening? Can you say.....lost another sale?


I'm 60 with a 2011 Busa and pay $540 per year for full coverage with State Farm(live about 5 miles north of Elsinore and going up the Ortega tomorrow:laugh:).


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How is this Suzuki's fault? Ditch the high insurance company.

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Nationwide...47 yrs old, $480 per year with $10,000 in medical.. (just in case) ??? Progressive was ridiculous when I checked them too..


Nationwide had me at $230/mo and wouldn't offer Uninsured Motorist so we switched over to State Farm and now its only $65/mo Full Coverage w/ Uninsured Motorist. I'm 33 and in FL.


it's progressive! I know busa has over 1300cc so insurance will be higher than other sportsbike like 600cc ~1000cc. As I'm in military I have USAA and USAA never goes wrong with me. So when I bought my new 2013 Busa, I called USAA and USAA has contract with progressive. Now, progressive might be good insurance with less then 1000cc sportsbike. but absoultly not with busa! Progressive gave me an quote on my busa with full cover as over 2K. I'm 32 and in NY right now. So, I've been serching different insurance and I found State farm as cheapist but still full cover and nothings wrong with.(only problem I had with S.F was they don't have discount for Basic Rider Course. but still cheaper than other insurance for busa.) Oh, I'm paying about $60/month with State Farm right now.

Now about Suzuki 0% interest. I got my 2013 Busa on May this year. on May, Suzuki only had 0% interest for who qualify credit. I bought my new Busa with 0% for 60 Months.
Starting June!!!! <<<------ this is the really getting me crazy!!!. Starting June, Suzuki add Yoshimura slip on pipe on top of 0% interest promotion. I thought either pick 0% or pick Yoshi Dual slip on, but no it is actually 0% int. + yoshi dual pipe or $400 cash back. I'm sure if you are not stupid, everyone should get dual slip on pipe for yoshi.(even you don't like yoshi pipe, get it and selling it will gives you more than $400 right? :) )
I'm looking for buying Yoshi dual slip pipe and what suzuki has this promotion going on right now is making me really sad :cry:

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Statefarm. 39yrs old.


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Liability - Bodily Injury / Property Damage

$50,000 each person / $100,000 each accident / $50,000 each accident


Medical Payments

$1,000 each person


Comprehensive Deductible



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Uninsured Motor Vehicle -Bodily Injury

$50,000 each person / $100,000 each accident


Underinsured Motor Vehicle

$50,000 each person / $100,000 each accident


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