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I can't beleave this.  I just got my renewal notice and they changed my coverage.  Here is the change
Section IV Physical Damage Coverages:
The following is added to When the physical damage coverages do not apply:
There is no coverage for the loss to any vehicle that results from:
A: Nuclear Reaction
B: Radiation or Radioactive contamination form any source
C: The accidental or intentional detonation of, or release of radiation from and nuclear or radioactive device.[/QUOTE]

Just what are they trying to tell me? :super: :laugh:

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Yeah Thats why I got the Special "Hulk SMASH" Floater added to my policy... :D
You mean you didn't know???
The 1300 on the tail of yer Busa is the Megatonnage of yer
nuclear powerplant!
There goes my plan of installing a "Dirty Bomb" in my arsenal of weapons... :devil: