Space Nuke lit up Hawaii's sky, took out streetlights!

My Bosses dad worked on the H bomb back in the early 50's and he said his dad took him to go see some detonations . Pretty wild to think about it , like "Hey everyone lets go watch the bombs "
So its the President that gave the ok... Thats what Im wondering. Im just thinking theres alot ot people in the world and how can one person say were going to risk everything to test something. Any country could risk everything who says that they have that right? Its just crazy to me to think that someone in some other country can kill all life because they think its an acceptable risk to do so. I love science but its scary.

the president listens to the experts, and he makes a decision. the manhatten project took best and brightest to try and make this theory work....

the people that were afraid it would end the world were not involved, they were not the best or the brightest.....and they were wrong.