We all know insurance prices are different in different parts of the country, but I was wondering how the price I am paying is comparing to others with the same motorcycle.

Here are the specifics:

2006 Hayabusa
Registered in Daly City, CA (right next to San Francisco)
I am 39 yrs old no accidents or tickets.
This is the only vehicle on the policy.

Bodily Injury Liability  100,000/300,000   <span style='color:red'>45.00</span>
Property Damage Liability  50,000   <span style='color:red'>21.00</span>
Passenger Liability   15,000/30,000   <span style='color:red'>28.00</span>
Under/Uninsured Motorist  30,000/60,000   <span style='color:red'>177.00</span>
Medical Payments  1,000   <span style='color:red'>34.00</span>
Comprehensive  250 deductable   <span style='color:red'>116.00</span>
Collision  500 deductable   <span style='color:red'>276.00</span>
Accessory Coverage Limit  1,500 / 250 deduct.   <span style='color:red'>incl.</span>

*The numbers in red is the breakdown to arrive at the Total Price.

Total Price is $697. per year

If I were to add another bike, this number would go down by about $100.00 per year.

So... how does this compare?  Should I be looking for a different insurance company?

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It sounds pretty good to me. Is that with State Farm? I live in Killeen, TX, 26 yrs old with no tikets or accidents and pay $5XX for six months. That's my only vehicle with SF though.
I would say most people here has SF. Did you try and get a quote from them?
No I did not. Before I posted this, I did a search on insurance and found the State Farm info. The only thing is, I live in California and I live right next to a major city... so it is likely that I would not see prices under $400 per month like some are paying.

I have been with GMAC for several years and have been happy with them. However, I just purchased the Hayabusa (about 1 month ago) and was curious to see if I was in the ball park for insurance pricing for this bike.

The reason I am posting this now is I just got my insurance renewal for next year and all the info was handy.
I live in Central Texas and have State Farm I pay $1180 annually and you have a couple of extra coverages and higher $ amounts.
I’m in South Florida, basically the Miami area.  Currently have two (2) motorcycles, insured through State Farm.

Each bike has full coverage except medical.  No need to pay for medical when I have full health insurance and accidental insurance through work.  Premium is right at five hundred dollars (500.00) per year from each bike.  You cannot add a bike to an existing policy, each vehicle or motorcycle has its own policy.

Hope that helps,

I'm with state farm and live north of San Francisco. 39yo; no tickets (knock on wood); $300 every 6 months.
You are doing pretty good. I'm being raped in Harris county (Houston, Texas) I'm 49 no tickets or accidents $1000.00 deductable and paying over $3000.00 a year for full coverage.
Dairyland, Dairyland, Dairyland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$499 a yr full. $5k optional

Yes, my amounts are low, but what the heck. Much better than $3k a year!
Foremost Insurance Company 1-800-237-2060

Four bikes insured. 2003 Special Construction, 1997 Special Construction, 2001 SE Harley, 2000 Hayabusa.

I have comp and liability on all four bikes and collision on the 01.

My coverage is 100,000/300,000

I have uninsured and under-insured coverage.

I have a stacked policy also. Between these three add ons it added $400 to my policy.

The 03 is insured for $30k and the 97 for $20k.

I'm 38 years old, been riding 28 years and insured for 22 of those years. Married but I only have me as an operator. Bikes are stored on site in a secured and alarmed building. I live in PA.

Total premium is $1393 per year. If I add collision to the 03 it jumps $235 to $1628. (which I will be doing as soon as all my paperwork clears with the underwriting department)

The 03 alone with $30k coverage is $229/year liability, $433 for comp and liability and $668 for full coverage.
Dairyland, Dairyland, Dairyland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$499 a yr full.  $5k optional

Yes, my amounts are low, but what the heck.  Much better than $3k a year!  
We have SF and pay 1042 a year for both.

I called Dairyland (which is Sentry in my neck of the woods.) They wanted $2987 a year for both.

I wonder why there's such a big difference?
I pay $528 a year through SF and have nearly every coverage available to protect my baby.....No one else could even touch this price....
You're missing underinsured which does not go along with uninsured. If you get hit by some pathetic puke loser with state minimums you'll be screwed over royal. The loser's CA minimum of $15K will be used up within a few hours following the accident. And will the $5K be enough to cover your totalled out Busa?

With uninsured you're good if you get hit by someone with NO insurance but if the slug of society has state minimums your insurance company can legally wash their hands of the whole situation.

You should also keep your underinsured and unisured the same as your liability in order to protect yourself (and your family) in case of a bad accident.