Installing new grips?


I just got a set of new grips for my Busa. I got them off of Ebay. I have my old grips off and am looking at everything and have a quick question. On the throtle grip, do I have to hack off the lip that sticks up on the very outer edge of the plastic throtle piece. Or do I just go ahead and force the new grip over this lip and onto the throtle? It just seems like it will be an awful tight fit to go over this lip, but it looks like this lip fits into a groove at the end of the new grip.

Just checking before I shove this thing on there.
You have to "hack off" those damn lips. Its easy if you have a dremel tool with a sander tip. If not you can use sand paper and a little elbow greese. Believe me, I tried to just force on one of my foam superbike grips (have more give than your grips)but would not go. Hack those thing off, only takes a minute.
A flat file, and nice smooth strokes takes them off no time at all.
Make sure your file is not really course or you'll just snap them off. :beerchug:
Thanks, I kind of figured that these grips might not be quite as comfortable as so gel grips, but I can always switch again later.