Grip Removal


I purchased and installed some busa grips not to long ago and my new helibars arrived today. Has anyone had any luck removing aftermarket grips or should I just suck it up and buy new ones? I really wanted to test out the helibars this weekend but that won't happen if I have to buy new grips...



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Thats a better option than a razor blade.


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i just used a screw driver to gently pry the grip from the bar... but thats for us poor folks that dont have things like compressors around the house... I can tell you that when you put the grips back on you can use hair spray or the dealers sell small tubes of "grip glue"... or if you prefer that perminate installation there is always super glue... I used hair spray and installed the grips... they still moved a bit after i installed them but after they sat over night they havent moved since...