Initial thoughts on the maiden voyage...


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I heard many things when I went to pick out my Busa with my loving wife.  One guy while we were looking for it said "This is what that Quarterback wrecked on a few weeks ago."  Another guy said "Yeah I rode one for years, those are not easy to ride at all."  

One guy within earshot of my wife said to his young son "That thing will 190mph right now off the showroom floor."

So I had to explain to my wife that if she trusted me on my cruiser then there is no reason not to trust me on this thing.  She agreed.

So I rode it home from the dealership.  No biggie.  Only a few miles up the street.  I got home and parked it.

I went out today and got a new full face helmet.  When I got home I decided to take her for a spin.

First off she is loud.  Not loud as in "loud pipes loud" but loud as in "that's a lot of freaking power" loud.  I spent 12 months and over $2000 to fine tune my Vstar up to a whopping 65 horsepower.  That and it weighed 630 pounds.

Now I have my Busa.  I was a little disappointed that I couldn't take it past 5500rpm for the first 500 miles.  Now that I know what 5500 will do I have NO problem doing that.  The thottle is SO sensitive I have to really be careful.  On the Vstar I gave it between 1/2 and 3/4 throttle when taking off in first gear.  No way on this thing.

And ease of riding?  My Vstar I thought rode like a dream.  Not a chance.  This hayabusa is the smoothest, easiest to handle ride I have ever been on.

All hail the Busa.  I can't believe I ever thought twice about this.

Oh and I don't think I will ever get tired of the looks people give me while parked and even in traffic.  Everyone loves this thing.



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Congrats on a wise decision of a beast!I did not keep my rpm below 5500,but also did not bring it up to 9K either.Prolly around 7K
Just make sure you vary the RpM's and you will be fine,Mine havs just over 3000 on her and she runs fine,I drove it like I stole her right from the beginning.
Make sure you do a oil change before or at the recommended intervile.

We need to see some pic to make this whole thread legit too!!

Oops...just saw it in your other thread...nice LE


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Welcome to our passion & cyber home. As mentioned here. it only gets better. Enjoy


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welcome, its hard to compare the two bikes as they are very different.

Its sounds like the first two guys read and have never riden and the last guy knows how to google.

Stay safe and enjoy!!


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Get a TRE... that will fix your sensitive throttle in the lower gears. If you think it's sensitive now, wait til after you break it in more. It gets more sensitive. I recommend a TRE for better throttle response. Once you get one, you'll be happy you did. Search online for Ivan's TRE (or get a GI Pro).

Congrats on the bike and welcome.

You say you're happy to keep taking it slow... well, that'll change! Wait til 130mph feels like 70mph! You'll want to go faster all the time on this bike!


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(300Busa @ Sep. 24 2006,21:20) The real fun doesn't even begin until about 7,000 rpm.

Until you hit 130ish you're just cruising! After that... you're riding!


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Your first mod should be to remove those ugly reflectors. That is a great looking bike and you should feel proud every time you mount her. Sounds so darned sexual...

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