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Hey busa buds, This wknd was unbeliveable for me, got to see AMA superbikes and riders, accessories and stuff for sale everywhere, umbrella girls, more sportbikes than I've ever seen! except on TV and HAPPY METER WAS AT FULL TILT!

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The rain was buckets on Sat at 6 a.m. when we were tryin to load the bikes in the trailers. Ofcourse the Busa wouldn't fit in the 14ft trailer with the 2 other Harley's so my cousins brother inlaw unloads his $30K custom chopper out of his trailer and loads it with the other harleys and gives me the " private trailer " how cool...

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Sat race got cancelled but sunday was awesome, except for the very, very muddy parking area. I couldnt believe some guys were parking their bikes in that muck. Most of the bikes were in the bike parking area.

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I thought umbrella girls were suppose to be cute? These were sexy from a distance but the closer I got they started lookin skanky and hooker like, i think this was their day job...

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Saw this busie right at the entrance. Thought that the bicycle mirror look didnt work well for the King of speed.

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Can u find the ... familiar face ? ? ? this was Harley parking only, no kidding, thats my cousin in the back ground with his wide glide. They made us park up the hill. How the heck did that black & silver get in there?

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Finally, I had a real sweet time and I know Laguna is gonna be even better, way better. We stayed at the Marriot and all the Yamaha, Buell & Kawi racers were there. 1 Yama race rider was drooling over my bike ...( very cool nice kid ) said that Busa's are unreal, he rode a turbo once and could believe the nose lift from a roll on at 90 mph. We rode about 4 hrs home through St Helena & Calistoga. Hit some twisties up through Calistoga that where tight to say the least some 1st & 2nd gear turns, I didnt push it just enjoyed the lean. I did see 170 mph twice though through the rice fields and the Busie wanted more but that was as fast as I have ever been and decided it was enuff. I would just run ahead of the pack and stop until they caught up., we had 2 harley's, 1 intruder, 1 chopper, and beautiful red Busa. Sweet dreams ... and apologies to all the people I couldnt find there, Lo, Rich, Jimbo D... See ya at Laguna baby!

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Hey Hawaii!! Sorry I didn't get to hook up with you and Big E at the races!! Decided at the last minute to head to Fresno for the bike run down there and ended up staying until Sunday because of the rain..... But have no fear, I will most definetly see you at Laguna!!!!! Glad you had fun!!!