Sears point & Riding other bikes?


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Went to Infineon raceway ( Searspoint ) yesterday, They were having the AFM races this weekend. I was excited to be anywhere track bikes were... but several disapointments. 1st of Sonomafest has been a big event for the past few years as I have been told by attendee's and seen some neat pics, but yesterday there were only practice runs for sundays afm races. There were only 2 or 3 venders and not many spectators at all, next week should be nuts for the AMA superbike races but weather is looking ifee. The website for infineon said they would have free test rides this wknd on Buell & Aprilia but Nothin was there. My cousin & I chatted with a guy from a Harley/Buell dealer from about 10 miles away, he said he was expecting test rides too but the Factory guys wernt there... even called them for us but no answer.
Anyway he tells us to go to his shop ... we did and road a Firebolt & a Lightning.

Immpressions :
Pro's - I wasnt expecting much from these bikes and was plesantly surprised at the handling very easy, comfortable and leaned over very nicely. Braking was also very, very good they have a single large disk on the front.
Con's - Lots of vibration from the 984cc V-twin, dash was hard to see and read, ( speedo wasnt working ) The worst thing was the throttle response, slow, clumbsy and ever so not smooth. I dont care much for V-twins anyway but I have ridden way smoother twins like a SV650. Anyway the fit and finish was not there either.
Conclusion - I applaud their effort, the bike is very unique and handles very well. But is a far cry from anything I would be interested in purchasing. And I cant believe it costs all most as much as a Busa. NO WAY!

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Well that sucks you didn't get a chance to ride the Aprilia. The line probably would have been a mile long anyway.
These Buell things, or as I like to call 'em MuLes , are odd pieces of machinery . They remind me of 65 Mustang with a big block that needs a tune up . They kinda look ok , but even if you could get them running awesome , it wouldn't do you any good , 'cause they handle like crap when the road isnt straight . This Buell guy figured he'd go after a certain market . A very small market in my opinion .
It's not really a sport bike .
It's not really a cruiser .
It's not really a Hog (the hard core HD riders hate them)
I guess the bottom line is...there not really anything .
Just my $0.02 ....and yes....I can make change
What about this? Kind of cool.

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I agree, I just thought it was cool that HD tried to get back into it. Kind of sad that this is there last year.

I am not a Buell fan. I do love my Road King and nothing is better for giving rides but don't get me wrong, my Hayabusa is something that is for me and me only.
Hey Lazer the only HD I could see my self buying would be the Road King very comfy for the long haul. Oh and like I said above Buell handling & braking was surprisingly very good. I recommend a test ride for the fun & heck of it.