I'm installing hmf high mounts


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I am installing the HMF high mount system and I have just ran into my first problem after 4 hours of work. I got the brake side to work out great. Then I went on to the clutch side and that is when every thing stopped working so well for me. The mid pipe looked as if it was not even for my bike, the bend in the pipe that is, so then I swapped the pipes and it still will not work. So I think that I have the brake side right. So this is my question, on the mid pipes one side has some slots in it and the other is smooth. The slots go to the header and the smooth side goes to the can. Is it possible that the put the slots and the smooth side on backwords for the mid pipe on the clutch side? Because if I turn it around the clutch side will line up perfectly just like the brake side. Or am I missing a step in the install.

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