Running with headers only


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I was installing the full dual hmf high mounts and one of the mid pipes they made was wrong. So now I wont have it untill monday. Can I ride just short 15 min rides to work and back untill monday with just the headers, small airbox mod and pair valve removed? Also I have the hmf map loaded in.
I wouldn't, it's not worth risking your investment

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With no back pressure it'll be running extremely lean and hot. Any plastics in the way will turn to goo.
+3 know you're feelings but I wouldn't if I was you...

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It's just not worth causing any potential damage, patience young jedi
Do you know how LOUD the Busa would be

You would really support the Loud Pipes Save Lives idea

Wait for the new pipe
Check with Thraserfox he has been running nothing except the x pipe.
Actually what I am running is 9 inches of header connected to the X pipe.

If you try running just the Xpipe with no headers then there will be minimal back pressure causing popping / backfires. "Possible" engine damage over a long period of time

In my opnion it will not hurt it to run in like that a few days. but if you don’t have to don’t.

If you run with the Xpipes and headers with no cans. it should provide enough back pressure so it will not cause any damage.

Where the header connects to the xpipe, it does restrict down just enough to cause a little back pressure.

I had minimal backfires with my 9 inch headers. I then installed a PCIII usb and used a map Johnny cheese gave to me for my setup and have no problems.

I have had a few people who are considered exhaust experts overview my setup and told me I should not have any problems

Check out mine
i think my d&d 4into1 system may sound louder than that i thought it would be screaming
Soooo you're saying that if I remove my stock cans and that connector pipe that goes from the cans to the headers, NOT a good idea? How about taking off the cans and leaving those connector pipes, also a bad idea?

My PC3 is on the way and Im just tryin to figure out if I should spend $1000 on a pretty exhaust or just cut the exhaust I have at the knees..
Weird, what are the chances that the last 2 posts 2 dif. people 1.5 yrs apart end up w/ the same avatar