im buying tires AGAIN!


how many miles are you guys getting from a rear tire? i am only getting about 2000 from oem tires.i replaced the rear at 2300 wih oem due to the fact that the front was still in great shape. well its time again at 4200 miles to replace it again . this time both front and back are getting replaced. was wondering what kind of mileage are the pilot power and the m1's getting ?thanks
Stay of the Throttle,get a Hard compound and you should be able to get 4000 to 6000 miles out of a rear. I know someone that got 7000 miles out of a rear.
I am still on OEM's and the rear is soon to go, by then i will have a good 3700 miles on it...

Your milleage seems pretty low, either you like burnouts or you're hard on the throttle, 2000 for a street use is VERY low i think...

I got over 8,000 miles on a Dunlop 208....but then again, I ride like a pussy. No wheelies
no burnouts.

but recent tire installed 3 months ago (3,000 miles) is starting to show wear...could it be that I discovered life on a busa at speeds above 140? Yessireee....trying to work toward pegging this pony at 186....and it is showing in increased tire wear....
The Busa will run between idle and full throttle. It's not like an 'on/off' switch.

I'm upto 3500 on the factory rear, and it's still doing well. No burnouts, but ocassional hard accelleration in 1st and 2nd.

Look into Avon tires, if you can control the throttle a bit more.
I am getting good milage out of Pilot Roads..Had 014`s and only got 2000 or less out of them, the front 014 sucked after 1500 miles it made the front wobble at slow speeds...The Roads stick just as well...
Have about 2500 on my rear oem...and will need replaced before 3500 I think...not much tread left in the center.

Yes...I am hard on the tire...hard accels. Can't help's fun.
5K on factory front/rear. Rear is getting close to wear strip though. Front is still good.
I have 3800 miles on the OEM. Already ordered the BT020 replacement and scheduled the appointment for the change. Should be about 4,100 miles by the time this happens. If I didn't spend so much time on the slab, it would have gone alot further. The center of the tire is at the wear bars. Go an inch in either direction and it's not even close. A few wheelies may have contributed to this wear pattern as well
<-- 2 burnout's on my last R/tire .. then again..its my 5th tire.. then agian I have 30K..on my busa.. some have lasted only 3k .some 6k.. up to how hard you ride n or "launch" off the stop's.
I got 3300 KMS out of my first stock battleaxe tire, then I bought a pilot road tire. I stayed with it being a 190 and it's lasted quite well. I have 6400 kms on my bike and will prolly get 1500 more until it's time to replace. I do a few burnouts and wheelie the bike a lot.

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I got 14K and change out of the OEMs and replaced them with the M1 and I am at 21253 and NEEDING a new rear.

and the dayum stealership quoted me $269+$37 mounted...

(anybody know where I can get it cheaper)..... "p" spec M1 for $141 + shipping. I do not know how you guys do M1's (rear) last 2500 max w/ no burnouts. I admit I ride er' hard but the mileage difference we are talking about here is massive. I do like the 150+ area, but no sustained (over 3 minutes) high speed runs. Must be the difference....
I just put on a set of M1's and with nearly 1000 miles on them I would say I have about 20 to 25 percent used off them.
I'm looking for a rear, too.

Got over 7800 on the stock BT-56.

Of course, in KC, there's nothin' but straight roads everywhere! (unless you count making a right/left turn a twistie)
ive just had yet another rear blow out on my way home from work
that will be 3 in a month!This one turned out to be a pot rivet.WHERE AM I GOING WRONG, i work in central london and there seems to be so much debre on the roads.Man im so not happy-1week old diablo corsa,just scrubbed in ,now useless:(
Sorry , just had to vent