new rear brake squealin and new tire...again



About 2 weeks ago I had a set of EBC HH brakes put on the rear, they needed to be replaced but I still have life left in the front.  Since then it's been making the most annoying screaching sound when applied.  I've put 250 miles on it since the replacement and I could swear it's getting louder, I thought it might work it's way out.  Also, I've locked up the rear tire couple times coming to a stop, which never happened when I had the stock brakes on.   I'm going to bring it in and have it looked at for the noise but was wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

Also, I've got about 4500 miles on my Pilot Sport tires (not the HPX) and my rear tire is looking like it needs to be replaced...again.  I know these tires wear quicker but I thought I'd get more out of it.

I won't even get into the fact that I think my clutch is starting to slip...

Aaah, the fun of racking up the miles.  

As usual with me...thanks for the help,
Kris   ;)
I was going to say try a few hard stops but you tried that already. I'm going through the same thing with my rear tire locking up right now also. I have about 5000 miles on my BT56 and it's starting to slip. I down shifted a little hard yesterday and it slid. :eek: Time to replace it.
when I bought my busa new in may of 02, my rear pads were metal to metal @ 800 miles, and I rarely use the rear brakes. the O-ring on the piston was not properly installed, it had a kink in it not allowing it to retract fully, thus heating the pads too much and warping the rotor. I brought it in and they repaired the caliper but said the rotor was within spec. the stock calipers and rotors leave a lot to be desired from the busa, I recommend a "full floater" and perhaps a brembo if you like using the rear brakes?
Personally I would vote for putting stock pads back on the rear, and then replacing the line with a braided one. Should improve feel without being grabby.

Honestly though, I would simply not use the rear. It really is allmost completely non-essential when your out riding hard as the rear gets so light under braking that it's about useless anyway. I have seen several folks get themsleves into big trouble (One Violently) when emergency braking and by habit grabbing a foot full of rear brake.

My .02, Otherwise, I would do whatever you can to eliminate any grabbiness from the rear, so going back to stock pads and a braided line may help in feel. But IMMHO I would really avoid trying to "pump" up the rear brake. Making the thing stronger is prolly going to lead to heart or a Butt Ache... :cool: