I'm addicited!

OK...so now I have to do at least a few wheelies a day!!  I find that if I don't get my "fix" I cant get any sleep....please oh great gods of 'Busa...help me!!!!!

Oh..and BTW...does any one else have a problem with slamming their knees on the frame when the front wheel comes down??   OUCH!!

Such a problem to have!



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Gotta ease it down... with the fuel injection when you back off the gas it shuts off quick, you also have much less chance of losing it when you come down softer and smoother.

hey hawaii, is that you????? nice pic!!!!!!! i have only wheelied a few times, most of which were not on purpose. first time slammed down and almost lost it. next time just eased up, it was a rolling wheelie in 2nd, it came down smooth. just not my cup o' tea though..... like to keep both tires on the ground!

ride safe, protect the family jewels........
I like wheelies too..and yes it can hurt down there..learned from the first few..ouch....Lobusa..second gear wheelies??
Cool....I live at 5000'..lose alot of power up here....
Anyway..I heard you may trailer yer scoot to LA..for the August run..still gonna do that?? I am off that Fri Sat Sun also.
I may be able to go....Only i havn't told my wife about it yet!
Will keep in touch..Just turned 51 last week..Busa can make one feel "Alot Younger"..Thank you..Suzuki....And the Captain too..
Gentlemen, please, if u insist on wheelieing the busa please shift and hit the gas b4 landing. I see 2 many people holding the front wheel up till red line and then letting off the gas slamming the front down and leaving a dent in the pavement. if you're gonna do it do it right. I am upset at people unnecissarily doing harm to the mighty busa. If i am to bear witness to such behavior you will be bitchslapped.
Yes Mick..thanks for the tip.....grab second....the roads are bumpy enough......does the Busa really dent the pavment....
Felt like it might be possible....please don't hurt me..

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