IF I MADE A DVD... would you buy it?


If I made a DVD with a menu, chapters, good music, maps, and a narrative... and 8-10 solid busa runs, would you guys buy it for 25 bucks?

i would be willing to put 20% of all proceeds to this site...

give me an idea if you willing!

REPLY HERE to give me an idea.

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Im figuring 5 bucks to make, 5 to this site, and 15 to me...

not that much profit... unless i sell thousands... and then ill be up for weeks making the dam things...!
I would be all over it... And, not sure if you want it, but I have some good footage too, and would be willing to shoot some more... Actually, there is an idea for you... How about a compilation of people from this site? Mass Market it as hayabusa.org riders! You could still have all of the mullah in my book, since you would be doing the grunt work and editing.

Either way, I am in!

I'd buy one, hell I keep buggin you about it... But yeah I would certainly buy one, heck for the label on the DVD you Need to get a good quality shot of a Busa Speedo withthe needle pinned over at 200mph.

I would love to see something like this on the big TV with the surround sound cranked up set to appropriate music, I think it would appeal to a lot of folks, after all watching the same old burnouts, wheelies, stoppies and assorted stunting mayhem gets a little old. This would be something new and cool.
Only thing I can recommend really is buying your Camera bike a new clear windscreen... :laugh:
But yeah I would love to get hold of something like this...