I want Turbo before spring time


Dis in my way!
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OK it has now become a mission I will have Turbo on my bike before this spring... I have read and been reading post for months and I want it.. I respect the Motorhead probably more than any Busa owner or mechanic that I have heard, know or read about. If he says that it makes that much of a difference then it must be so !! I need to figure out the best setup and cost and here is the tough one who can install it here. Ya know in California or Florida there maybe bike shops all over that are reputable but here in OKC I can't find a dealership around that will install it and I refuse to take it to someone that I don't know so it sounds like either a road trip or "4th and long, punt" give me your input.... Here locally I do not know of a single bike that has Turbo.
Take a trip down here. Sabin Performance can help you with the install and tuning. I know Jim and Don over there, pretty cool guys.

If you want to get it over with and not worry about upgrading, just buy an Anderson. Good for 450 HP+. You'll have to talk to Seb at NLR if you're insane enough to want more.

I've been thinking of getting one myself, but right now, no $.
I have a checkbook, do you have to have cash.. As long as you have checks you got cash right?



yep, I want it now.... I went to the site and did not see anything about them ever installing a turbo system though.. For all those that are reading this that are asking themselves hey why doesnt he just do it himself? The answer is simple, I am not mechanically inclined. Ask me about freeBSD or Solaris, perl, html, telecom information I can give out on a prompt, but turbo, no way unless you can format and install it from a CD......

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Their site doesn't say much about their business and all they can do, unfortunately. Don was installing a bored turbo system when I stopped by last time and have done several others. They also have the latest Dyno 250, and know very well how to use it. I'd give them a call and get a quote. I don't know any other shops near here that I'd trust.
What to do with 450 hp? Get a second job to pay for the rear tires I guess.

If you go ahead and do it you must put a massive article on this site about the pros and cons. Just to appease us lesser mortals.
That is my goal is to work the entire process and report daily on everything from ordering the system to when it arrives and installation.. Then my favorite will be the testing and reporting to all the members of the performance. I look forward to beginning this project and posting tons of pics. I need to first decide who has the best deal and who is going to install the thing. If anyone knows a good place feel free to let me know and give me as much input as you can to help me make the decisions.
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Turbo's are great for racing but hard to use on the street first of all you cannot run 450hp for long your stock motor will not tolerate it long before being seriously damaged. I have a drag racing friend who runs 350hp at the strip and he eventually fraged the motor to the tune of about 4 grand. the crank and rods and wrist pins were bent beyond repair so keep that in mind. You can run about 300hp safely but can you use all that horse power on the street probable not. Its great down the straights but tough to use when canyon carving. The turbo will affect how you have to corner the bike you have to use care when twisting the throttle imagine what would happen when leaned full over and the bike comes on boost could be and interesting experience one you might not like. Just a thought for about the same cash as a turbo you can build a 200 plus hp normally aspirated engine that will give you much more usable power and will live a lot longer. I have a 1498cc Busa making 217hp at 130lbs of torque and the power is totally usable as with a turbo you go from 150hp off boost to 300hp on boost tough to get use to especially in the corners. Any way food for thought.
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hahahah good thing for me Oklahoma is flat, not alot of canyon riding here... I just want to be able to twist the throttle and giggle !! Everything here is flat and straight. Your right though I am not getting the turbo to run 400 hp, 300 will do. I am not a full throttle hang on all the time guy. I just want to have the fun of gettin it when I want it..
Another one to look into is a supercharger...   They get up over 300+HP, are easy to install (almost as easy as formating a drive and re-installing everything back onto it... all in a day's work, without Ghost, that is
) and from what I hear, they are much more reliable down the road

Actually, once I am ready for more power, that is what I was considering  

Damit, just noticed Cap's post date
call dennis 216-798-1958

schedule about a 2 day span with him and have him install it. Did my stage 1 install in one day and tuned it. installed the water injection the next day in a couple hours and cut the fairing for the dump and I was on my way the next morning by noon.
why don't u get a kit from mr turbo down in houston,tx. Their systems seem to work really well especially if your looking to run both at the track and on the street and want anywhere from 180 to 300 horsepower and they only charge $500 labor to put it on. I would trust them due to the fact that they make the systems they are putting on your bike and they aren't that far from you. Also check out the cost comparison they did between doing a motor build up and a turbo on the stock motor with the second link, pretty crazy!!


Captain, checkout Psychobike.com for Turbo systems. There's guys over there always upgrading and you can score a sweet system for alot less than new.