I need help

Hi there can anyone tell me how to different up a 02 model and a 03 model hayabusa cos i dun wish to be cheated by the motorshop without knowing anything abt the bike, where can i get the latest spec of the 03 model? And can anyone direct me or tell me how to do the run-in or breakin-in of engine and when i should do the oil change with wat brand of oil and wat type of oil as i will be having my bike soon within 2 month time so i need all the information before i actually settle the payment for the bike. So guys out there with all the inform i need, pls do generously post in here and tell me all the thing i need to know. i would really appreciate yr kindness in helping me.
Check out suzuki.com and check out the new changes to the busa. They list the new stuff first then the same stuff from last year. If I remember right, 03's all have different paint jobs and have gold front forks(or something like that) than the 02's.
I just followed the owner's manual breakin, since I needed to get used to the power more than the bike needed proper breakin. It was something like no more than 4500rpm until 200miles then no more than 7500rpm until 500miles(I'm probably a little off on the numbers).
I let the dealership change my oil and filter, can't help there.
I've owned two of them...........put 100 miles on it easy,4500 rpms........ then change oil and ride it like you stole it......................If you want to be safe till you start using synthetic oil, just use any good grade 4 stroke motorcycle oil, like Motul or Suzuki. In Busa's I dont put the Synthetic in till 7,000 miles to make sure its totally broken in...............Oh and change the oil and filter every 2,000 miles.............The 03's have a heavier starter than the 02's as well.............The starters have been known to kick back and break in the 02's. This has been fixed with the 03's...............you 02 guys don't be alarmed the starters have been messing up primarily on big bore engines mods.
Yeah...I don't know about that 100miles then change the oil...I waited till 500 miles to change oil.  I would use any old BS oil for the ride to 500.  But after that and what I plan on using is Motul 300v 10w-40 Sport oil.  Full ester...best stuff on the market.  Motul is the ONLY fully synethic oil.  All the other just isn't that great.  Yeah its pretty expensive around about $13 per liter states.  Here in Japan $27 per liter(you bet your ass I buy online)!  You will have one of the baddest bikes on the planet...don't use garbage oil.  I use to use Castro R4 Superbike 5w-40.  That is some good stuff too!  Just not as good as Mutol...

Anyone here use the Motul 300v 15w-300 competition?
Define what you call mineral oil. It is not the same here. Do not use any sythetic oils until after about 3,000 miles use natural oil.
Ok then which are the brand of oil suitable for breaking in of engine and how many stages do i have to do a proper breaking in before i start blasting it.