I must betray you


After seeing pics and specs on this thing I may have to go back to my true love.

May be a great bike but I couldn't get past the looks. Just not my style, I guess. Oh well, to each his/her own... :cool:
bah... no place for mods there :tounge: lookathat exhausts... will you even dare to change'em? no way.
oh man, that's a toy, that's not a bike :) (although I would like to put my hands on that toy!)
Face it folks, our day may have come :sad: . With this and the new ZX-10...if only they were a smidge more comfortable to ride.

So, any bets on the new 'Busa to show on the 15th? 1400cc's, anyone?
Nice bikes but I am going to have to stay with what is comfortable to me. To all the shorter than I people out there, have fun on your super lightweights; I am sticking with the busa! :beerchug:
It has some appeal, but I do not like the side view very much. And, as someone mentioned, mods may be limited with this design. I also think that the purpose and target audiance of these bikes are different. The R1 and Suzuki 1000 will go head to head. The Busa, XX, and ZX 12 are in a slightly different class. Yes there is overlap, but they are different.
I like it, but I think someone at yamaha is sketchy on the looks cause in a lot of the pics they have the kickstand sitting on a cork or something so it sits up straighter.
If you really want to know what these bikes can do take them to the track and then on a 500 mile tour and compare performance and comfort. That is the best overall gage. For you non track riders how do you measure performance or is it just about the numbers?

Marc "Howlin Mad"
For you non track riders how do you measure performance or is it just about the numbers?[/QUOTE]

Well, duh, you start by buying magazines, then you call your friends and meet up at the local Starbucks. Then you proceed to talk for hours on a perfect riding day, sipping $50 worth of coffee. Then you sell your bike three months later with 200 miles on it and order next year's model.
Doesn't even come close to the look of the Busa...all personal taste, I know...but I'm one of the few that picked a Busa after not knowing anything about bullet bikes, basing my decision solely on the way the bike looks!  

Well, hearing about you guys brag all the time about the Busa helped too...

No regrets...all other bikes look kind of small and insignificant now!  :D
I gotta admit one thing... I love the way the undertail cans look in the first pic!
yeah...it's different...but from the side it looks like something's missing! I like my exhaust...like seeing it...wonder if the heat transfer on the seat gets uncomfortable?