I gotz big problems..busa might hafta go..


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so?...found a great job a year ago...running cnc lathes...3 months into it?..boss hires another lathe guy (a previous employee of his)...who bumps me off my "lathe dayshift" and the options presented me are...

1. Go to 2nd shift and stay on lathes or?...

2. Train on cnc mills and stay on days...which requires the operator be fully capable of mastercam cad drawings and cam programming and set-up and operation and all planning of his jobs assigned.

Boss says he'd like me to select option #2 and stay on days for 3 months training and program/set-up/run cnc mills..so i do...and WAS doing great..for the 9 months that followed..until...my boss hired a 2nd shift guy a week ago...of ethnic origins....for about $5 an hour less than what i earn....and for the past 5 days?....we've been working this huge billet aluminum job...and one night?....my 2nd shift compadre ran a bad program and undercut a critical dimension...then another night?...he undercut a wall thickness...claiming a power failuer and "the machine jumped"....understandable..but today?...we were close to finishing up and the boss put the heat on me...and i had a mishap....rushing....and the toolholder barely scrubbed one boss on the part...nothing real critical....could be welded up and repaired in about 1/2 hour...but?...since the bos requires that he be made aware of all non-comformances?...i let him know i had a minor screw-up...long story short?....he tells me to finish what i'm doing and pull the part off the machine and meet him in his office with the part and the blueprints...so i do...and he comes down on me like all three goof-ups are my responsibility...then tells me t5o make sure the part is finished up and meet hoim in his office with part and B/P's again tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m.

I rush out...set it back up....get programs written...rough out several counterbores....and get bore gages set and ready for my 2nd shift guy...then got him going and finished up my day at 5:30p.m.

Then walked in my bosses office and asked him...

"Just so i know wether or not i can sleep tonight...am i gonna have a job after 9:00 am tomorrow?"

Him: "If the parts good you will."

Me: "You know it nots good."

Him: "Well then i guess you have your answer...don't you?"

folks...i type this knowing his intentions are to fire me at about 9:10 a.m. tomorrow morning...and it couldn't have come at a worse time...just got home from the fall bash...over-spent a bit attending the bash...figured i'd cath-up on my bills this month...and now?..i've got a bit of a predicument...and i now offically hate my soon to be lost job and my boss for his shidheaded ways.

I don't wanna sell my beloved busa...and i'd like to do everything within my power to keep from having to do so...including finding a new job...but in the meantime?...i'd like to ask the boards indulgence as i do own some fine things i'd rather part with than my busa...like several fine firearms i could stand to part with and some odds and ends....helmets and parts and such...just to get me by too my next job/paycheck and save my beloved O-ren...so i'm officially asking if it would be okay to list this items for sale here...and if not?..i guess prayers and best wishes will hafta do...and at this point?....i'll take anything i can get....including a new job.

T.I.A. (either way) and....L8R, Bill.


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Sorry to read that. I'll donate some grenades to put up his butt.

Gather a list of stuff you're gonna sell so I can see what I want before NJ gets here.

busa boyz

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sorry to here about your dilemma

tomorow morning just go in his office and smack the glasses off his face and say i'm going on break !
man i hate to hear that!!!it hurts me thinkin bout sellin my bike or my guns.ill say a prayer for ya tonight to get a better job soon!!!!!


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Jinkster, dont loose to much sleep over it. Maybe things will work out better tomorrow and if they dont I believe things like this happen for the better. You will most likely find a better job, if in fact the mean old basstid does let you go. And in the mean time there are alot of people on the board that can help. If you need to off load any of your firearms PM with what you have. Good luck tomorrow and we will send prayers that you get to keep your job or quickly find a better one.


try to rest up
if it's time for you to leave
there must be another oppurtunity out there better for you

I'll do whatever I can to help
keep your head up bro



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(busa boyz @ Oct. 03 2006,15:00) sorry to here about your dilemma

tomorow morning just go in his office and smack the glasses off his face and say i'm going on break !
now i like that idea...but i've already formulated a refined version...in which...i'm hoping that the quality review will find that te part will in fact still fit, form and funtion under an NCR (non-comformance report)..and that quality buys it off....and then once all is well?...tell my boss that he's now fired...for immoral and unethical treatment of his employees including undue mental duress...and that he has 2 weeks in which to find someone to replace me or if he likes?...i'd be happy to leave immediately...as he does not deserve to have a guy like me turning his azz out for a POS like him.

man i'm pi$$ed...and depressed...losing faith in mankind one day at a time.

But always smile and made to feel better by my busa buds.

Thanks folks...L8R, Bill.


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Dude that really sucks,,, I dont know what to say, but keep your head up!!!
That sux Bill,

I hope that sob thinks better of the people tonight (namely you) that make him look good.
He doesn't deserve a quality employee like you.
Sorry to hear what your going through, again that sux. "That just isn't right"

I'm sure everything will work out one way oe the other.


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Sorry to hear about your dilemna Jinks, but GOOD machinists are hard to find, dependable ones damn near impossible.............I believe you have both going for you, so if the hammer omes down tomorrow, there's another opportunity waiting for you around the corner. Enjoy you extended vacation and you'll be back on the horse in no time.

Good Luck !!!
That sucks!! Get a good nights sleep and think it through thoroughly so you are prepared for your conversation tomorrow a.m. If it turns out it doesn't go well then you will be OK. Things happen for a reason, I truly believe that!! Like someone said above. Good people are hard to find in any job. Paying someone $5.00 hr less doesn't make up for non quality work, headaches, no shows, etc.. Any smart business man knows that or will know that if he intends to stay in business. Keep your head up. Temporarily get rid of some extra stuff first before thinking about selling your bike. One day at a time!! Hang in there my friend!!

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Ah-man Jink......that sux.  I'm really sorry.  I'll give $1000.00 for your Busa.

Just kidding.....just wanted to see you laugh.  Keep your head up Bro!!!!


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thanks again folks...and i might add that the part that really stings?...is this...when he coaxed me towards training on cnc miles 9 months ago?...i was straight forward with him and told'im that i haven't run cnc mills in 15 years and that i didn't know a whole lt about'em when i did it way back when...letiing him know i was a tad intimidated by the latest cad/cam software and such...an his words then were...

"Hey....you're a smart guy....i'm sure you'll figure it out...and if you don't work out on the mills?..it ain't like i'm gonna fire ya or anything...we'll just find another spot for you if ya don't work out but...i'm sure you will."

and now i'm getting smoked for somebody elses snafu's?....

to me?...it's all a mind fug...and all because my boss has recently discovered the advantages of the "used to be illegal immigrant" labor pool.

and my american dream is now a real life freaking nightmare.

i'm so stressed my mind is frying out...feel like selling everything i own...including my home...except for my busa and my pc and moving to the mountains...even if i hafta live in a short single wide...by myself....and fug it all.


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Use the new auction feature and we will help where we can.

Why work for someone that doesnt give a shib about you.


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That sucks, bro! Hopefully it will work out, but your boss seems like a royal PITA. I'd have a tough time just waiting to find out the fate.


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Stuff happens for a reason. Keep your head up and you will be fine. I lost a job for a stupid reason and it was the most I was ever making up to the time I was asked to leave. I was depressed and really pissed. I walked out and within a month I started my own buisness then got into real estate and make 5 times what I made then and have no BOSS to deal with. Everything happens for a reason. Stay positive and you will come out better than ever. Go in tommorrow with your head up high and let them fire you and get unemployment and walk out and stay POSITVE, don't give that guy the satisfaction of getting you down bro. For sure, Don't sell the Busa, unload some of the other stuff on the auction site.
Bill - ditto what FATE said. There's much better out there - trust me. Find out what happens in the morning and have a great day no matter what the guy called 'the boss' says. He's not your boss. You are. Stop playing his game and letting him defeat you.

Now - smile and relax and think about some of things you wanted to do - do them - and things will happen for you. You watch and see.

Good things happen to good people and that is for sure.

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