I gotta git me one of these....


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I dont know what it is about this particular brand but... this thing is soooo Bronson.

Bronson would use this while he was out shootin' people.

Chuck Norris would make double duty outa this thing...half the time usefull tool/half the time, ab cruncher.

Arnold Schwarzenegger would use this thing to prop up the Terminator Bike while he was bangin' the maid.

This thing just looks so utilitarian,kinda futuristic,it just looks tuff.

For all I know it could just be a piece of chinese krap....but I still want one.:laugh:

Pic would help...:whistle:

Anybody know the model/brand?


Found it Rub! Go to Ebay and type in this: Aluminum Motorcycle Front & Rear Tire Street Bike Stand GSXR R6 R1 CBR Hayabusa $139.95 free shipping
Harbor freight has em if I recall. Need spools for em or do they make it with the pad to go under the swing arm? Do they make a front one also?
This is why I love this place. You guys are the dope. My credit card is about to have a "melt down".:laugh:

Thanks boys. filt 166,it looks like a spool type. I have big spiked spools to go with my theme,so I'm good-2-go either way.

Hey a few pics show one that isn't for spools on the swing arm..
They may have the other style in stock also for grabbing under the swing arm.
mikbusa provided a link :thumbsup: they are on sale for 39 bucks.??? I'm like no way...39 bucks.???

Then I read the reviews.:banghead: It seems most are happy but also said its more for light weight bikes. It seems the build quality lacks aswell. I'm always up for a deal,but I think I'm gonna pass on this one. I'm not a cheap bastid,but I also am not going to put my baby up on one of these.

Read the reviews and make an' educated decision before ordering one of these.

Even on sale you can still use the 20% discount coupon.
But the rear of a busa isn't that heavy at all. We may try one and my friend needs one.
Now ya got me thinking
Hey Rubb I would go with this stand if you are looking for quality and innovation.

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I saw one the other day while shopping Harbor Freight. I looked at it closely and decided is looked pretty good for the price. If I didn't already have one I might have bought it. However, one of my future projects will be to build my own that rides on 3 wheels and makes the bike movable in any direction for the tight quarters in the garage.
That abba one is pretty nice and with it you won't have to worry about maybe dropping your bike as compared to the rear stands we all have. Anyone know the price of the abba, it looks like it wouldn't be hard to make one either.
The rear stand from harbor frieght I have had on my old 98 gsxr and now on my busa. I habent had one issue at all and I just jad the whole front end off her recently too. Its a good unit for price. Woukdnt lead another owner wrong
Abba seems like a great stand, but for $200 + $50 shipping (and that's on Ebay)... Ouch!!!