I can't believe I bought a Kawi.


And it's even GREEN. A great deal on this bike just kind of fell into my lap. My plan is to ride it until spring then sell it to move up to a bigger one. (KTM 1190 adventure R) before I spend that kind of money I want to make sure I like adventure ridding.
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Let me know in Spring when you wanna get rid of it. I've been looking for one for a while.
well I had my first ride on it and am pleasantly surprised. the tires are more of a touring tire and quit hard so those will have to go. the rear chirper on every down shift and the front washed a little on me once. After realizing that everything was fine. they are not the best for the gravel either but did ok until it was time to slow down. the bike it's self I loved and will like it even more with a good 60/40 tire on it.
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check out the kenda 270 and shinko 244. both are good bang for the buck tires imo. If you are off road more the k760 is a nice tire also.