I am trying to convert my 2006 hayabusa over to the gen 2 complete body


I am wanting to convert my gen 1 hayabusa over to the gen to complete body from research am sure it can be done only concern is the cluster of the gen 1 busa isnt gonna fit with the rest of the fairings and brackets anyone else done this need a lil advise
Use the gen2 gauges then, it has been done before.
It won't plug in, but you can use the gen1 plug and re-pin it.
Sorry, I have no details.
the gen 1 gauges will work,the alignment pins don't work but the bolts do,,the gen2 gauge bezels actually go right on top of the gen1 gauges. done if before and it looked fine,,very tolerable.
The cluster from a Gen2 won't fit or work with a Gen 1, and the right side foot pegs/rear-set will require you to custom drill a third hole in the frame to make it work. The tank will bolt up, but won't match up with the Gen1 inner front upper fairings. The tail section is a bolt up affair if you buy it complete, but the ECU on the Gen 1 won't fit with the Gen 2's location as the Gen2 is a smaller ECU. I know from experience.