I am finally a member!

Put down the deposit today on an 06 LE. I've been trying to find this color scheme for a while but never saw any in my price range. It appears many folks bought this bike and kept it in their garages. Many of them are LOW millage bikes! It will be a few weeks before I am actually in possesion of the bike and riding it but will anticipate every moment until then. Please take all my goofy questions in stride. I will have a few. BTW, my last bike was an 07 Ducati Sport Classic 1000S which was totaled when a cager coming towards me decided to text on his cell phone. Needless to say, not a fair match of chicken. Here's a pic of my new bike.




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:welcome: and congrats. I'm sure you will be very happy with it!

Looks like you might be in Illinois. Enjoy the riding season while it lasts!


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very nice! now you've got to go out and buy all the white scorpion riding gear along with that other new guy,lol. Congrats on a very nice busa and :welcome:

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