Hello again all!! The move was a nightmare!!! Not the moving portion but the escrow!! Won't go into it but it is almost over and I got my house!!

As of now I won't be going to the sand box. Hate to be left behind on this one but like everyone else in uniform I have to follow orders and they are keeping me here. It is what it is...

Thanks for all your good wishes. This is my work computer so I will update as soon as I figure out how to set up DSL.

Thanks again all

Hope to see you all at Laguna Seca

As of now I won't be going to the sand box.  Hate to be left behind on this one but like everyone else in uniform I have to follow orders and they are keeping me here.  It is what it is...
Good to hear Howlin... never can tell how that will unfold.

I will be at Laguna this year, so looking forward to meeting you.
Good to hear from you...All will work out it's in his plan you know...
Hey Bro, god to hear inspite of all the difficulties that you are moving forward. Keep it going.


Hey hey Buddy! Glad your back, sorry to watch the news last night no marines can retire for the next 12 months
That means you too?

Congrats on the new place, was hoping it was gonna be here in Hawaii. But I'll see at L. Seca, and maybe other Cal events.


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Well I still have 18 months but I have some close friends that won't be able to retire. It is what it is. We all knew what we were getting in when we signed the contract. Hopefully Laguna Seca. Need to get the tix.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Howlin'! Good to see you again! I know those escrows can be a pain. Congrats on the new house! (sucker&#33
(you'll find out&#33

I hear Fatjap in coming down your way, maybe we can get together for a ride some day.

Yo Howlin' Waz up? I was just down your way, but figured you would be swamped with the move. Glad to see you back. Keep your fingers crossed, it is likely I will have another Busa on Monday night....! But this one has 276 HP!

Doc if you get that Busa I will make a special trip over there just to see it!!

Marc "Howlin Mad"
That's a deal Howlin'! OK guys, here is the deal. I am hot on a turbo Busa here in Vegas. It is the BOMB!!! We have not made a final deal, so I am a bit worried about saying too much, but it has a Hahn turbo, air shifter, extended swing arm, etc. etc. etc. etc. ThE BOMB!

Monday will probably be the day, keep you fingers crossed boyz!
Hey Howlin where did you move to, are you still over close to the base, or did you come towards Temecula
We need to hook up, your suppose to be giving this Texas boy a few tips on how to rail.
Purple whats up!!! I move just east of you in San Jacinto. I will be riding next Saturday at Palomar if you want to meet up and do the twisties.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Congrats on the house Howling ... just watch out for those first year taxes ----- sometimes you unfortunately get a larger than life tax bill, because they underestimate it when they do the escrows...

Thanks Dez. I am having my taxes impounded with the mortgage payment so I should be OK.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
I hate really long posts but I will tell you that this one almost left me out in the street with no where to live. A law suit was in the works for lost funds etc. It is all working out now but it was extemely ugly.

Marc "Howlin Mad"