How to tell you aren't riding enough....


Dis in my way!
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Walking in the garage tonight and I was reminded of how little I have ridden lately... SPIDER WEBS!




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Judging by the wheels on that sportbike would appear they have seen far more rotations than those on yer ride. I'm glad those cords or air supply hoses run over the stand and not under it. Oops...trip...hose lifts stand...."CRY". :banghead:



Careful..................... somebody might report you for abuse to Busa Protective Services :watching:


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oh, the Busamanity! i know what's going to happen when GSXcite sees this!!! :spank:


If you weren't the owner of the site I would say :ban:

Seeing as how you do own the site I will just say my bike has been without an engine since November and I still do not let spiderwebs build up on her.........


Dis in my way!
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The good news is that I will be riding to Eureka and getting about 5 days on her... I'm excited..
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