How much did you pay?


I have been reading through the articles the last few days and have founds more than enough information on this moto. and I believe I have been pushed towards getting this bike. But, I am just lost as to what I should pay for it... This will be my first purchase and the only info I have been able to find is that I can go to and find the dealer invoice price. Whether I can get it for that price is a different story. Can you all give me an idea of a decent price(what you paid) to pay? I would appreciate any information. I am looking forward to saying "I got Mine" in the next few weeks on this board. All your posts have been a great help
This question came up a while ago here's the link to the page.
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Hope you find a good price and join the crowd of happy Busa owners.
I payed $7500, for a used '01. But you can get a 02 (any color, including all black LE) for $9,500 from chicago cycle center OUT-THE-DOOR. Which is a good price cause out the door at other dealers ia around $11,300.
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Got my 2000 for $9500 but it had 600 miles on it.
I'm backing up Odessy's post. I purchased my '02 Busa from Champion Cycle in Chicago. $9365 out the door. I just purchased this bike about 2 months ago. Talk to a salesperson named Julio and he will hook you up!!! They also offer a 15% discount on any parts or accessories as long as you own the bike. Great deal for the bes on two-wheels...

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WoW! It seems like most have purchased their bikes for $1000+ less than MSRP plus extras thrown in. Hopefully I can find a place around this area(Georgia) that is willing to give me as good of a deal. This is definately looking good. Thank you all for your replies.
$9300 otd on a new '01.

Watched them put the oil in.. pushed the button to start it the first time.. and everytime since.
I found mine of

2002 Black/Blue
800 miles
Yosh Stainless steel bolt ons
Heli bars
Tank Bra (New)
Rear Stand
all stock parts included
I paid $10900. Which seems to have been pretty steep compared to the prices some of you are quoting. It was one of those all black 2002 bikes and I know I wasn't the only guy interested in that bike. So maybe the dealers were getting higher prices this Summer -- I didn't know at the time that all black would be an option in 2003.
New right around the average. I do not want to even know how much is in it if I sold it.
$10200 that includes freight, assembly and documentation charges and I got an Arai helmet thrown in for free.  They also gave me 50% off the center stand with free install.  (The center stand deal was because they sold me the bike and then found out that they couldn't give it to me because of the recall on the 99s and 00s.)