How do you get this off????????


I can't get the headlight spring off the regular beam light........what you have to unscrew it?

What a pain in the ass.........and they dont tell you which way to manipulate it to get it off.........another way to get your money when you bring it to the shop......I figured it out though.
It's a good thing you figured it out almost lost your "GENII" status. Whew!...that was close.

yeah well....don't feel bad! I had to have a certain board member who might just be a cop and his favorite color is red...anyone?? anyone??? Have to call me and walk me through it over the phone.........Thanks Max!!!!!!!!
I found out the hard way, so I recommend taking off the upper fairing ( not the nose ) I broke both lower clamp & upper spring insatlling new ultrawhite bulbs. But so far they are holding. aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrg.
Us Genii will fiddle with it until it works or we break it.

It is a pain until you figure it out, the manual shows the spring looking at it from behind and you have to do it from the front so it's backwards, AND you can't see it so you have to do it by feel.
I don't know how you guys did that without looking. It is ackward and tight up there. It is easy if you pull the nose off. That only takes about 10 minutes once you know what to expect. Then the spring is nothing. I would suggest that anyone who is thinking about bulb changes pull the nose the first time. It is worth it.
Saved my neck again! rocks!