How about that Jake Holden guy?


Track Coach / TufPoodle Coach
Anyone watch the races this weekend?

Jake Holden brought that Ducati to life. Jake showed what he was made of in Saturday's race and was well on his way on Sunday until a light sprinkle appeared and he lost the front. Dang, I hated to see that!

I know Jake from the track. Been on the track with him on more than one occasion. Can't keep him in site for long but I have watched him fade into the distance. I wish I had half his talent.

Jake is a great guy from Graham, Washington about 30 miles from me. He cut his teeth on our local track and raced in our local club "WMRRA" for a few years. Jake showed up at the track last fall as he sometimes does and I said, "Hey Jake,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I'll give you fifty bucks to let me get a photo of me passing you in turn 9"!" Jake says, "Fifty Bucks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Let's Go"! Really cool guy with personality plus!

Let's Go Jake, I'll be watching next round at Miller! I'm pullin for ya! :bowdown:
I was just pitchin Jake a little lip :-) He would certainly have accomodated a photo for me but he was there in shorts without leathers or a bike visiting with his friends. If he shows up to ride this summer I'll be sure to get a photo just for you Charlie :cheerleader:
I hope he is able to find some funding to see the season thru. I'll bet the AMA is going to add a little handicap to the Duc's before season end.