Hottie on the back of my busa


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My wife's Grandma just turned 80. Took her for a ride for her birthday. She used to ride cross country on Grandpa's Goldwing but he is long gone. She has been wanting to get on a bike again.

That's cool. I have invited my mom on a couple of rides. She just says are you crazy.
3 cheers for Grandma. I love the seniors who are young-at-heart. I hope I make it to that stage of life!!!!
I think that's pretty cool...get her up to about 60 mph and she'll be thrilled...
that's awesome...i've been slowly trying to talk my grandmother into getting on mine, she's never been on a bike
ha ha ha! That's great. My mom has been begging me for a ride. I don't have an extra lid or the funds to purchase one. So no ride for mom
One of the coolest things I've read on the board,good on you!

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Glad to hear you did that. After I sold my Shadow years ago, my grandmother told me that she'd always hoped I'd give her a ride. But she never asked me, always waited for me to ask her and I never did. She died before I could get another bike and I felt bad about that for a long time.

Don't assume that your elderlies are "too old" to appreciate or wish for a ride on the bike. It might be JUST what they want.

Good on ya.