Home built hexacopter


Made using 23" aluminum towel racks from home depot.

It has roughly 13.5 lbs of thrust, and it weighs 3.3 lbs with a 5000mah battery = 17 minute flight.

Range is around 12,000 feet (2 to 2.5 miles), but I don't have my FPV equipment installed on it yet (still tuning it).



I've got 5 pre made frames right now, but I prefer making my own. It adds a little more involvement, but also the towel racks are very light.

If you look around, most hex frames are going to be 300-800g. Mine is 170g. These sound like small weights, but a 2650mah 4S battery weighs 280g. So we're talking about 1/2 to 3x what a battery weighs in extra weight.


Obviously pretty good at rc stuff, what are you using for rc control link?
did you custom program the control board? or was a stock one sufficient?

I have something I put together (not home built though)

on a much smaller scale

I’ve also got a few planes that I’m putting dragon link on, for a bit longer range.


I use frSky for longer range and for telemetry. That gives just over 2 mile radius, which is further than I need when I fly FPV. If I was flying planes, I might want longer range.

Signal boost and directional antenna would give me a significant boost in range with the existing equipment however.

This is a video of my first time flying FPV. I use Fatshark AttitudeSD goggles. No need for base station, antennas or anything else. Just slap on the goggles and fly.


lil charlie

I think I still have some carbon rods laying around that I was going to do something similar with but lost interest. Let me see if I still have them.


I will be starting on the carbon fiber replacement for the A frame hex this week. The new hexa H frame so far weighs 230 grams. It's 30" x 30". Five CF rods for the frame and a few G10 cut parts to mount battery/electronics.

Using thinner CF rods, I am able to make a quad frame for 50 grams... My current quad is very lightweight on a 170g frame, so it's going to be insane.

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