high mileage!!! WHAT????


my busa has a couple of minor probs at mo that are trial and error to get rid of, nothing major.
i rang a company with the veiw of having a couple of cylinder head mods done during the winter months maybe even a pukka sorted head fitted.
my bike is in extremely good condition and has been well looked after all its 4 years. 99 model.
the company in question told me that my bike was high mileage (10,613 MILES) and that i shouldnt really be doing head mods.
that is only 2,650 miles a year!!!! on a 1300cc engine!!!
well maybe i should scrap the the bike now?:super:??
just like to hear your views please...
thanks for the reassurance. i have been speaking to a guy that had his busa from new, it now has 42,000 miles on it, and still pulls like a train. he said all recalls were done, serviced properly and he started doing more regular oil changes from about 25,000. and more to the point he wouldnt swap it for any other bike apart from a new busa. now i know the workshop i spoke to was talking s~#t.
WOW, I've never heard of 10k as high milage, except from the crowd who ride every other weekend and only go 50miles. You know, the kind that put about 650miles/year on a bike, if that much. Hey, that motor is just gettin' broken-in. I just passed 10k on my 01 a few weeks ago too.
I just turned 61,805 on my 2000. I put on a new
set of bolt on Microns at 59, 000. Go for it.

I have put on 3k in 2 months.....I hope 10k isn't considered high mileage:D