High beam headlight issue


I have hids in my high beam now but the really don't make a difference!! Has anyone noticed this before ?
Should I try to readjust the headlight or replace with a halogen bulb ? Looks like the low and high are separated by 6ft of distance on the floor!
Not sure what year your bike is, but if it's 2008 or newer (Gen II), the headlights cannot be independently adjusted. Any adjustment you make will move both the high and low beam lights together. I have seen the problem you're having with the gap between the beams when using HID's, but I don't personally know the solution. Some people only run the HID on the low beam and retain the halogen bulb in the high beam. I know that's not ideal, but it may close the gap you're seeing.

EDIT: You posted this in the Gen II forum... duh... I'm going to bed. :laugh:
Yep, if you adjust for low beam, the high beam is too high. If you adjust for high beam, low beam is too low. I think most folks put a HID on low and adjust it higher and ignore the HB.
HID's in a non projector lens is like polishing a turd.
Of course its not going to make a difference now your just scattering a brighter light if not blinding racoons up in the trees along with oncoming cars
Click the search button it is your friend. I have the same issue that Lankee had discussed further in depth just recently.