HID Conversion set


I have a few HID sets available for sale. I bought complete systems, and over a short time, have a few left over if anyone is interested. Ill try to post pics when I get a camera.

$150.00+shipping for a ballast, igniter & base and two bulbs. (spare)

The bulbs are $150 each to buy them.
(see link for this bulb ½ way down link page below)

SYLVANIA (OEM) HID-Replacement Bulbs
Xenon-HID (OEM) Replacement capsules
D2S, D2R D1

A complete kit is built and sold for cars for $500-$700, as seen on attached link. Some companies have replacements for bikes. But with a "KIT" you get two ballast, two igniters & sockets, and two bulbs. You have to buy both when on a bike you usually need one. (except GSXR1000's) Some versions the ballast & igniters are in the same box.

Ballast is approx 5"x3½"x½" give or take. Igniter is about the size of two 9v batteries side by side. Works great. Mount on top of right air ram tube w/double sided tape & ties, mount bulb in place of factory low beam bulb. (You may need to bend your bulb holder spring in a little and use a washer as a spacer. It's very nice and bright. The ballast is only on to charge the igniter then the ballast shuts off. I wired in a switch to shut the light off. The units are brand new and only bench tested to ensure they work.

You'll hardly need the high beam anymore. Put in a yellow bulb and have the lexus look w/true blue hued HID. Several people have done this and offered the ideas for various mounting. The unit is light weight and mounts best on the right air ram tube. The washer saves on bending etc.

If interested or any questions email me at ICEMANN@AMERITECH.NET

I know a pic is way much better but I'll try to get one shortly. I just wanted to add that the HID light is twice as bright as a 100W plasma bulb XENON etc, and is only 35W. No heat or vibration problems.
there actually bright azz white with a blue hue to them as you approach the more you see it. It also projects out further that plasma. Way much brighter. Im trying to get a some newer models which the only difference is the ignighter and ballast is mounted in the same housing. But not sure yet.

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