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Nova Motorcycle HID Kit

This premium HID kit includes 1 Bulb, 1 35 watt Ballast and instructions. Installation is simple plug and play, then mount the box inside your fairings. See the chart below for bulb application and sportbike fitment (both high and low beams). For instance: An Gen 1 Hayabusa takes an H7 bulb for low beams and high beams 9005. You will need to order 2 bulbs total to order for that bike select H7 from the "Bulb Type" menu then your desired temperature from the "Select Temperature" pull down menu. Since that bike has 2 bulbs total you would need to order 2 bulbs to complete your bike. Please call or email us if you have any questions. We appreciate your business - The McCoys.

Warranty: The bulb and ballast include a 1-year warranty.

Three Times Brighter: HID lamps have 3 times the light output of the conventional halogen headlamps, resulting in enhanced peripheral vision and increased motorcycle visibility.

Hayabusa HID Kit by Nova: Nova Motorcycle HID Kit- Tobefast BEST PRICE ON HIDS: Low Price Guarantee

Make you Hayabusa HID's Bright with Nova and

Nova Listing: NOVA HID KITS - Motorcycle HIDS, UTV HIDS, ATV HIDS, Sportbike HIDS, McCoy Motorsports

We also carry Nova Hids for all Sportbikes, Touring Bikes, UTVs, ATVs and more......

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no, my low is the McCullic, bad spelling but you get the idea. 75.00 is a good price, I think if these guys are selling these kits they must be Ok, I dont think they want there name attached to junk, just my opinion. I am going to buy a high beam if I can get just a high beam.


Easy as pie to install (took me about 15 minutes to install bulbs, route wires, and mount ballasts) and works GREAT! I wish I had gone HID a lot earlier than I did.


Fun Times!
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Just a update. I have had mine in a little over a month and it works great. This is the best mod i have done and these guys are good to deal with. :)


Have mine for a month also. Work great and easy to install.

However, you'all need to adjust the low beam (up), it is too low. With a little investigating, I found the adjustment screw and it can be done without taking the front end apart. Just a long extension and a u-joint under the gauges.


Have any of you had heat issues? I was told by a parts guy at the local SUzuki shop that he has encountered some issues with the heat output of the buls melting some of the plastic around the reflector housing.

I am interested in going to a brighter setup as i do a lot of riding at night and early mornings commuting to work.


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I have heard that it's best to stay with the 35w hids, as a lot of the kits have 55w ballast with 35watt bulbs. Lots of write ups on the subject. Google 55watt hids.

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