help for a poss busa buyer!


evening all, My first post!! and a plea for your help, im currently riding a 91 gsxr1100, spent a lot of time and money on her but im thinking of replacing it with a busa, one of the reason iv owned the 1100 is the reliability that goes with it, iv been offered a 99 busa with approx. 25000 miles for £2900, this seems ok to me as my 1100 has 34000 and is still strong, but I am concerned as I don't know an awful lot about them, also the price, it seems a touch..and I do mean just a touch heavy..??
I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Mileage isnt bad and they reliable as long as maintenence has been done. Welcome to the org!
:welcome: to the oRg :thumbsup: $4500 isn't a bad price at all for a 99 Busa that's in good shape. 25K miles is nothing to one of these bikes. An individual just posted up 141K + miles today on his 2008. The 99 will be unrestricted too :poke:
Make sure the previous owner has resolved the issues with the early models. Fuel pumps have issues.The paper fuel filter has issues.( comes apart and clogs the screens on the injectors) The cam chain tensioners had issues. The rear sub frame is alluminum and can crack,especially if aftermarket exhaust has been installed. Stock exhaust actually carried some weight. Supposedly. Some owners reported issues with rear wheel bearings.The ECU works fine but is outdated(16 bit) Things like that.

Or use all those probs that year had as a negotiating tool and come here to fix it. This site has been a huge help keeping mine on the road!
Those 1100's are nice Bikes. I bought a 91' and two 92's Brand new! I loved them..A little heavy but, nice bikes. Yea, Cam Chain Tensioner and rear sub-frame. I had a 99' and loved it! I took that stock exhaust off as soon as I broke it in also...Good Luck Man!