Helmet Communication System

SMH10 Hands down. did 600 miles to Sturgis and back with a set - talked so much i could barely speak when i got home! worked like a charm.
Most of the guys I ride with have the Sena SMH10 now....it is the best thing since sliced bread...works awesome. The newest software even has a speed dial option now...very cool.
The UClear headsets are top notch as well. The one key feature is there is no mic in the front of the helmet. The mics are integrated into the ear pieces. They also are super easy to mount with a nice removable clip.
SMH-10 everyday for 120 miles round trip. I have zero complaints with the headset including performance in pouring rain.
If you search my threads, you'll see all I do is praise my Sena SMH10. Rode for 6 1/2 hours in the pouring rain last road trip, and it worked flawlessly in that too..

Best motorcycle accessory I've purchased. Period.
The price for 2 of these Sena's seems great too!!

I may have to look into these more!

Me too. I'd rather get two and have the wife's helmet ready to go than to have her decide she wanted to go for a ride with me and then have to go through the whole, "Well, if I had two of these we could talk, but I only got one..." conversation.:whistle:
Rider to passenger communication was the primary reason for my purchase of the SMH-10. The ability to make/answer phone calls and streaming music was just a bonus.
And now with the latest firmware update we can stream music from rider to passenger! :cheerleader:
Sena works as advertised and they support the product with updated software releases (always fixing bugs that are reported)... I'm very happy with this bluetooth headset - however I've hardly used for actual intercom (bike to bike). Too many other uses... Used several earlier bluetooth headsets and they had pathetic battery time, speakers were poor, and the pairing and connecting (and staying connected) was a crap shoot.
I don't ride with anyone so I got no use for a comm device.. :banghead:

Edit: Besides, I can always here myself when I'm talking to myself in my helmet....
Thread revival. Question for you Bots that I cant seem to find the answer. Do the Sena's communicate with other headsets? If so, which ones? I think with Scala Riders, they only communicate with Scala Riders, same with Chatterbox. But is it different with the Sena's?

Like say can I use a Sena SMH talk to a guy with TBB (Uclear)??
Sena doesn't communicate to other headsets......yet. However that feature is coming with a future firmware update.