Heli bar owners, lend me your advice...


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<sorry for the double-post>

Hey, I just got my Heli Bars, and before I start the install, I was going to ask if there's any tips before I get started.

flrider recommended to follow the directions regarding relocation of the choke cable, but I'm wondering if there are any other pearls of wisdom?

Thanks in advance!
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I hope you get some answers soon, I have the same question...

YO! ANybody out there??
I just installed these on my 'o2, and I love em. The install is pretty easy. The alcohol to remove the left grip is a good idea and worked well. Teh only thing I would add to the instructions would be to have a few small washers available for when you bolt the tank down over the relocated choke cable. I used two washers under each side of the bolt holes at the front of the tank to keep the tank from resting on and eventually wearing through the cable housing. Other than that, it is a peice of cake. E
I haven't performed the mod yet, but from what I have seen the Heli-bars looks slick, hard to tell anything has been done. Gen-Mar uses some large spacers under the Top triple-clamp cover, which raises everything at once, but it leaves your preload/rebound adjusters sorta buried, IMHO kinda looks like ass. But I think the Gen mar thing is cheaper. Heli-bars are about $250. My .02
I got my helibars for about $180. They ARE very nice, and install isn't too bad. The good thing is that you don't have to worry about extending clutch/brake lines. Relocating the choke is very easy.
Juggler would you mind sharing your source for the bar risers @ $180? Sounds like a real good deal...
No problem. I went straight to www.helibars.com. $180 to my door. There's not much to them (compared to other bikes), but they sure make riding more comfortable.