heavy duty output shaft and roller cam chain conversion??


at what hp do these items become an absolute must, would 300 hp make these a must. I thought I had everything I wanted for my build then came across these. I know they would be beneficial but not having unlimited money will stock shaft and cam chain be ok?


Once you are 450+rwhp thats when you should consider needing the HD output shaft. Only know one or two people that have done the roller conversion,so I dont know if its *really* needed or there for peace of mind


appreciate it, definitely saving me some money then...just deleted a few things from my shopping cart forgot to mention what about 1/2 studs since the engine is out? or just go with the normal sized ape stud replacements?


When Steve Knecum did my motor this winter he had a list of things he felt were needed to make my motor Last , I had a super duty HAYABUSA TRANSMISSION OUTPUT SHAFT From APE put into my 1441 its a week point and whats $300 also a Pro Series tensioner is a good Idea since OEM Suck and studs were like $80 . So for another $500 I dont have to worry about it . Yes Its at 240hp, but the at what point # is not something I wanted to worry about when the motor was all apart anyways


Well,if you have the money it will cost a lot less now to install 1/2" studs. And if you're doing the 1/2" studs you will be making big power so you will need that HD output shaft.

Sit down,think about what your horsepower goals are down the road. If you even think that you will want more boost then you need to map out a game plan before you tear the engine open. Trust me when I say that you will spend 2X more if you do it later then if you do it from the get-go. You will drain your bank account very quickly with a misguided turbo build.
Even if you have to wait awhile,its worth it it the long run to have all the required supporting mods. If you're already asking about the big studs and the output shaft then you should probably go ahead and do it now.


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ARP stock diameter cylinder studs will take you just over 400 rwhp, APEs will not. I would not go over 350 rwhp with APE studs, just my preference. The 1/2-20 cylinder studs are needed if your goal is 450 or better. I would do the heavy duty output shaft on any turbo because of the torque we see on boost, especially if the bike is being launched from a dig. Of course, the foregoing is IMHO . . .


I opted for the roller cam chain conversion with my current build. if everything is apart I don't see why one wudnt go with it. is it necessary? well, I can think of a dozen parts that aren't necessary but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.....:whistle:


Like powerhouse said. . I think ever turbo bike needs the billet output shaft however the rollerchain is not nessasary... I opted to go with the roller chain and it's working out fine.


Like Frank said ARP Studs , thats what I had put in . Yes mine is not a Turbo but I hate what if's and you might as well make it bullet proof while its apart

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If it's a gen 1, billet shaft all the way. I've seen stock gen 1s snap output shafts. The gen 2s are 5mm bigger, and don't seem to break. I've done some gen 2s with them, some without. But it never hurts to do it.


ok getting the hd output shaft, and arp studs. are gen 1 and gen 2 the same studs? all I see show 99-05 years, seems like I saw somewhere they were the same part number 271-4701 on the arp website. I have a gen 2 btw


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ok getting the hd output shaft, and arp studs. are gen 1 and gen 2 the same studs? all I see show 99-05 years, seems like I saw somewhere they were the same part number 271-4701 on the arp website. I have a gen 2 btw
The cylinder studs are the same. BTW, one of the differences between the Gen 1 and Gen 2 output shafts is that the Gen 2 output shaft sticks further out from the motor, it is a longer shaft and subject to more flex under load. Another reason to change it on high torque bikes . . .

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The roller cam conversion says that degreeing cams is not necessary. How is this possible or am I reading it wrong? It seems to be the same cost for a roller kit (post spacer) as for adjustable sprockets and an OEM cam chain so it seems a potentially sensible upgrade although it does say that some trimming is involved. I just don't understand how it could not need degreed.
APE Roller Cam Chain Conversion Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa (99-15) - Schnitz Racing
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