Hayabusas SUCK...


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Now that I have your attention...

NO THEY DON'T, and NO THEY AREN'T!!  I know because I just got one!

I'm sky-high right now.  I was nervous as hell at the dealership.  It's been a few years since I've ridden, and didn't want to embarrass myself by either stalling it, or riding it into a pole, or over myself.  I've read a number of the "Squid Tales" as was determined that this wasn't going to happen to me.

Due to the weather (overcast and semi-wet roads), I took it easy, but here's my first impressions.  Please forgive the use of F'n.

This bike has tons of F'n power.  It's incredible that the delivery seems so linear.  Not peaky at all like on other bikes I've ridden.

I've ridden my friends Kawi 1200, and it seemed like a pig in corners.
 The Busa feels almost svelte.

Due to the break-in period, I was told to keep it under 6k rpms, but I can't imagine how this beast is going to pull to redline.  I'm F'n amazed!

I had forgotten what 80 feels like.  It feels awesome!  I can't wait to really get this thing over 100.

I requested the Suzuki option 1200-X00-11.  That's the Super Speedy Color option.  That's grey and silver BABY.  That IS the fastest color.

I called my Dad as soon as I got home, and revved the engine for him.  Bikes are a big father/son thing with us.

Thanks to all you guys for having this positive forum, and particular to Cache and Narcissus.  I look forward to meeting the Busa owners in the Raleigh area.  If you see a Busa NOT doing Mach 1, that will probably be me.  The amount of power this bike has is truly awe-inspiring, and as such, I'll be taking it easy for awhile.

Thanks again all, and I'll hopefully be riding more than I will be posting, if you know what I mean.

I would be remiss if I didn't thank my wife for finally caving.  She probably won't read this, but I'm sorry for being a real pain in the a$$ about this bike.



Congratulations and Welcome to the world of the BUSA. It sounds like the first day of ownership and crappy weather go hand and hand. The samething happened to meGood luck keeping the revs down during break in.


congradulations,on the busa you will be using alot more "F"words when you take it over 7,500 RPM for th first time.lololol enjoy and be safe,


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Hey Juggler, congratulations and welcome to the board.
They are awesome aren't they!!!
Just thought I'd mention that you might want to paint the silver part of the bike black.
Then you will, have the fastest color!!!


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Hey Juggler,

That was a very good synopsis of your experience with the Busa for the first time. Just be careful and take your time. I really liked the way you put emphasis on silver/grey being the fastest color. I've tried since last year to make these people on this site understand this, but they just will not believe. Oh well, I guess they are happy riding those Busa look-alikes with training wheels. LOL



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Yeah You got my attention,
I had to laugh reading your initial impressions. I had the same experiance a few days ago. Congratulations.

Now I understand you are excited, But as all of us know, the Black 02 SE Busa IS without a doubt, the fastest color, I know its hard to accept but The truth will set you free.

Have fun, keep your head in your riding and watch that front end, in first or second gear it will come up with just a hint of snapped open throttle...


well besides the pink slip, unless your a girl, no offense to Lobusa, don't paint the busa in a pink lol.
now with the colr emphasis, you know that color's make all the difference, it's just like the kanji that you see on the sides of civics, etc...with thier shopping cart wings and the super pooter fart mufflers( 10,000 angry hornets in a tin can ).
it makes tons more hp just with the stickers alone. get real, hp is the way to go! LOL


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 Thanks for the clarification...and you have a good point...More Stickers...You think a pair of them Big Ole Fart mufflers could be McGuyverd onto a Busa???


Thanks for the clarification...and you have a good point...More Stickers...You think a pair of them Big Ole Fart mufflers and be McGuyverd onto a Busa??? [/QUOTE]

stock bikes sound 80000 times better than a poop shooter muffler on a p.o.s. 4 cyl car.
but if you really want to look funny( in my opinion )then go for it.
You just need to do a little welding.


Re-Recycled, Busa-Less...
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 I was trying for sarcasm but I think I missed...I would expect, no hope to be beat down real good for doing something that...well, WRONG, to My Baby.  

Your response was pretty funny, Lots of "restraint" in use...very polite.

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