Hayabusa owner - North Tx. Maintenance Help Needed!


Is there anyone Near Fort Worth Texas who does the maintenance on their Hayabusa themselves. I have a new 09 model with 500 miles. Not thrilled about taking it to the dealership for someone who does not give a chit about my bike, doing important things, and paying an arm and leg.
I'll come to your home/garage and we can work on our bikes and I'll even buy some parts for both of us! Or my home, either way.
Thanks to all for your time.

I'm up in Chattanooga, TN and would be glad to help...but you would be a human popcicle before you got here! Somebody will post up. Glad you are starting the right way. Work on it yourself and you will learn the bike. :welcome:
Good replies folks.
but still, if anyone in DFW area wants to work on bikes together, I would sure appreciate your expertise. Thanks...
I'm in Garland (which is probably a bit of a haul for you). Hit me up if you get into a pinch. There are several of us N / NE of Dallas here on the .org

PM inbound with my info