Chain maintenance


Just wanted to post my question on chain maintenance here in the 'general' section because I didn't get alot of replies in the 'maintenance' section. Seems most people only read this section. Sooooooooo.......please tell how you clean your chain without a mess. I don't want to get kerosesne all over my bike or garage floor and would like to get some tips. Also, thanks to those who did answer before under

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I use MFR chain lube and spin the wheel til I coated the chain twice. Then I grab a rag and spin the tire to wipe off all the excess chain lube and grime. Now it's not dripping so I can take my time and rub all the links clean. Then spray a light coat one more time. Works for me.
I use ONLY WD-40, nothing else. Works well for me. You need to apply it more often though. Normal chain lubes are sticky and actually attract dust... In Nevada, that dust is generally blowing sand and will EAT orings. My original chain I used normal chain lube, it lasted about 7k miles before it spit out o-rings... current OEM chain has 9k miles with just WD-40 and looks fine.
I take a shop rag and a can of carb cleaner and put the rag under the chain and spray the carb cleaner on the chain and into the rag as I spin the rear wheel.

Then I wipe the chain dry in the same manner with a dry rag while spinning the rear wheel.

Then I take the chain lube and a rag and repeat, applying chain lube with a rag underneath the chain.

This does a great job and with the rag under the chain, it doesn't make a mess or get overspray on the bike or the floor.

carb cleaner(depending on type/brand) will destroy the orings in an' o-ring chain .