Haya in the hills 2011

then the evening progressed out to the bon fire for laughs and storys

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heres a video of the aftermath of colton burning himself on a beer bottle he pulled out of the fire then after only couple mins reached down and picked it up lol


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and as all good things come to an end...this is what we woke to sunday morning

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Thanks to all who posted the pic of me bending over my tent,I feel so good about myself now....:banghead: I see many hours of TRX and Kettlebell workouts in my future. :whistle:

Droo, that was a funny pic though...hey a great pic of myself and Jwest's young lad.

Boy, did I get rained on during the ride home.
Looks like a GREAT time!!! I so wish I could have been there!! I miss my Busa friends!!!

Oh i have a few held in reserve for appropriate time/ blackmail lol
dvd is getting close to done...pm me here with your address if you are interested in a copy of it

i have coltons address already

DVD is 3 hrs long...and is the entire ride

thanks again to all that showed...:beerchug:
Sorry for posting so late guys.
Just want to Thank Chris and his family for everything they did to make me feel at home. Such as having coffee in the fridge, creamer and sugar on the counter! Awesome!
Good job picking the cabin. Plenty of room for everyone.
Breakfast at Earl's was a treat...anyone notice he had a sign poster of Guy from Diner's Drive Inn's and Dives?? Cool!
Very large fire pit which did not go to waste..thanks CasperLE.
Thanks to Colton for the Cohiba! Excellent cigar my friend.
Thanks to Mark for leading us around with some good road choices and decision making.
Thanks to Jwest for the Shirts...nice job!
Thanks to everyone for waiting on me at the Zippo factory...i collect them and just love the exibit part. Also was waiting on a lighter to get engraved. Sorry if i put us behind schedule..

HIH was a great time for..i'll be back!

Any of y'all get down to southern Ohio..look me up!
ok....haya in the hills 2011 video is all edited and burnt to DVD...

as with the shirts to any rider that showed to the ride the DVD is free...just PM me your address and you will get one as soon as i do some copys and get them sent out...

its 3 hrs and 3 min long...you can watch it and listen to the bike sounds or you can turn the volume down and put on your favorite music and sit back and remember the day,sometimes you hear me running my mouth to my son on our chatterbox...lol

only missing part/jump was right after breakfast when we went and got fuel then went back to the suzuki dealer that semi was getting his battery at

each year i learn new things with video and editing,this vid is alot better than the one last year as i was using a moto comm video recorder...but now with my go pro its awesome...:cheerleader:

next year possible recorded in 3D:thumbsup:
heres a short video of another part of the ride

twisties.avi - YouTube[/url]
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