Haya in the hills 2011


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now i know i have keep you all in suspence on all i got planned...well here it is *drum roll please*..... nuffin thats ok...its time to get the ball rolling and i am starting this thread so all can see as i progress and plan. all past participants are more than welcome to assist me in ideas. tell me where and when and what. look around. what about the haya's did you like the most...what would you like to see me add? give me a shout either pm or in thread...no dumb ideas...(i got the corner on that one lol) and lets make it even bigger and better this year!! :cheerleader:
he chris...you know i am new here....could you expand on what your are talking about? just curious!:laugh:
every year i put on a little gathering in the tri state area of pa, ny, oh. i call it Haya's in the Hills. i usually rent a cabin and do a weekend of rideing, campfires, and socializing. kinda a mini bash but for us northern folk who cant get to the gap.
What dates are you looking at this year?
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Hmmm, this might be interesting! Never gonna make it down there for the spring bash..
what did i like most about the haya,,,,hmmmmmmmm, nothin, you suck Chris,,,j/k .. whats not to like its the whole experience. day out, new folks, good people, fun ride, Im in this year and if you need a hand hit me up Chris im sure wwe can figure something out. For those who don't know its well worth checking out!!!
How about not letting it rain for two straight days beforehand? I have an idea... more people! How about everyone bring something cool (motorcycle related like t-shirts, gel grips, etc.) to raffle off or awards like who came the farthest (Peter North).
i agree 100%... dont forget to chime in on the attendance thread for spring bash kevin
im thankfull that you guys enjoyed my grub....so should we just hit the same cabin again and do rides around here or do you guys want me to find another location.
im definately there again for year 3 of haya in the hills...i will have 2 go pro HD cameras this year to record alot of the day...DVDs of ride after ...

dont know if want to ride route 666 again.:whistle:....so i say anywhere else...:laugh:

but i am open any weekend ...and no rain before hand this year,last year i left with wet roads and fog ...

looking forward to year #3:thumbsup:
Sounds like a BLAST!!! Too bad I won't be there. My wife'll be 6 or 7 months pregnant and the little Sweetie would NEVER let her bike go that far without her on the back... oh well it's not the end of the world.
Can I get the location?

Keep your eyes posted as the location is not set yet. Im looking into areas to ride and accomidations. It will be lower ny state or west pennsylvania. First year was at state college pa. Second year was in cooks forrest pa. I try to move it arround for couple of reasons. Please be paitent as i narrow down locations