Hawaii guys give a shout


I am heading to hawaii for my honeymoon next week.

I will be in maui for 6 nights and oahu for 2.

I am looking for the best things to do. Drinks, eats, sights, quiet beaches, things like that.

Anybody have any tips?:super:

I am staying at the embassy suites on kaanapali shore, and the outrigger waikiki. :bounce:
Where is HawaiiBusa? SCUBA DIVING you must go DIVING. Have fun
If you can swing it the Maui helicopter rides are unreal!
I am big on scenery and doin stuff vs Hula show tourist stuff... but here's a couple suggestions - For both locations pick up "This Week" magazine. They are free & everywhere, airport, hotels... Also on Maui u could use a rent a car, in Honolulu you probly would be better to catch the bus or shuttle.

Maui :
-Snorkle Bobs ( you will see the adds everywhere )
-See sunrise from atop Haleakala ( a must )
-Golf if you do, all the courses are great
-Makena beach
-If the North swell is pumping ask how to get to a surf spot called Jaws ( for viewing only! )
- Bicycle down Haleakala, they drive u up u coast down hill for 35 miles.
-Daytrip to Hana very twisties bumpy road w/ lots of stops for photo's. Waterfalls - beaches...

Honolulu :
- Shopping at Ala Moana ctr.
- Hanauma Bay snorkling (bring a bag of bread)
- Arizona Memorial
- North Shore
- Waikiki people watch amazing!
- Ala Moana Beach at 11:45 a.m. on Sunday will have some cool riders near the Tennis courts. Tell em I sent ya... the Busa rider from Hilo.

As with anywhere dont lose your sense of "beware" There are tons of wonderful people and the aloha spirit is alive and well, but there are also some punks and criminals so just use your head. If you go to a secluded beach where u see only a car load of punky lookin kids... move on. If you see families ... its cool. And Waikiki can be a blast but gets a little wierd after midnight. Most of all have FUN! ( and stay out of your hotel room for gods sake... u can do that at home ) ;) :tounge: :D
Thank you very much Hawaiibusa!!!!!!!  To bad I can't bring the bus with me.  Although one person did ask me if that was how I was getting there.... by boat(hayabusa)  LOL that prick.
I will be sure to check that stuff out.

Oh and people watching on wakiki?  Do you mean looking at fine ass hotties?.....and errr good looking dudes for the girlie.

Any favorite places to eat?:super:  That's a big one.

I can't wait.

oh and we rented a jeep on maui, and are just taking the bus on oahu!!

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