Having trouble getting akrapovic header into sleeve....


I just bought a full Akrapovic exhaust system for my '13 hayabusa.

I have the sleeves/flanges installed but for christs sake I cannot get the headers into the sleeves...... any tips or tricks to help ease my pain??

I don't have a rubber mallet but I'm about to go buy one so I can pound it in. I'm just worried about damaging something..

I apologize if this is in the wrong section but I figured it would get the most views here.... I'm frustrated as hell and want to get this done ASAP. I appreciate any help
Got any pics?
Akropovic is known for their quality, and they tend not to have any issues.
Not doubting you have a problem either.
sometimes it is a puzzle...try to het the hard starting tubes in first...then the easy ones fall into place...keep all the bolts loose till you get the whole system bolted up..then snug them down
Figured out the problem..... I'm a dumbass and tightened the flange too much. In turn that bent the flange and the sleeve inside it.... hopefully akrapovic will sell me a single sleeve and flange. If not I gotta round it back out somehow.
Paitence is needed when working on motorcycles. Rubber mallets can lead to self destruction. Glad you got it figured out.

There is a special tool to insert in a pipe to fix it. Maybe find a local muffler shop and a 20 dollar bill may fix your pounding impaitent mistake.