Hard Luggage for Hayabusa?

I have seen it and it is hand made by Corbin for the Busa and painted to match, for luggage they look good. They claim that on top speed tests that it only sheds 4mph off the results. Not sure on how it effects handling though. I thought about getting a set but just decided to use some removable soft luggage. Maybe theres away to do a quick release pin system on it to make it easily removable. If you tour alot or need space often this is the only bolt on system I would use.

I went from Hard factory bags on my Triumph Sprint to Tour Master soft bags on my Hayabusa and I am quite happy with them. I have had them up to 140 mph - no problems. The clip on and off the bike very easily and have plenty of room. If you want to carry alot they also offer a Top Duffle that rests across the back seat and clips to the two side back. I reccomend them!

Kent Sheldon