Guys and there toys


Here are a couple of mine.
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Where's the Busa?
Will be here on Wednesday Hawii, I will have a pic of it up as soon at it arrives. I can't wait. I'm counting down the hours.
hmm well it dosnt look like even my links work
i hate geocities

try just goin to the site and lookin around
theres a pic of me and her on the front page, but thats when she had hubcaps and those didntdo her justice

go to more pictures, then for the newest pics of her go to new craiger rims

for engine shots go to "engine shots after install"
2001 Busa

1995 KX 125

1981 Honda Odesy

2001 Dodge Ram Cummins turbo diesle 4X4
but sweet ride's guy's
Hey guys just a suggestion but, hows about posting some creative pics? Not just the bike in your driveway or a parking lot... Take the sweet ride to a park or golf course... some senic area and you should be in the shot too or your girl friend or wife or both... hahaha lets see what you can come up with. Thanx - Aloha

Well, I don't have any pics yet, digicam decided to take a permanent holiday...but I have a C5 Corvette and the Busa now. And let me tell you, the vette used to be fast
99 1500 cc 207hp Busa
91 ZX-11
91 1425cc Kawasaki Super Comp Dragbike on NOS 8.90 index
2000 Ford Focus
2000 Excursion
80cc Suzuki Quad(pit bike hehe)
2001 Tahoe Z71
2000 Busa
1986 Wellcraft Bowrider (Excuse the mess.  I am finishing off my basement and needed the junk out of the way.)



Hey JWCFBD - there seems to be a bit of similiarity in toys here. My current list:
2000 Tahoe Z-71
2001 Busa Blue/Silver
2001 Polaris Magnum 500 w/plow, cultivator, and boom sprayer
Anyone who hasn't plowed snow with a 4-wheeler is missing out on one of the better inventions of the modern era!
2 crappy old boats
1977 Yamaha DT 175
Just sold the sleds - waiting to buy 4-cycles - way better for the environment, plus more hp (and we've got to have that!!!)


Growing up in the Midwest (Wisconsin) I thought snowmobils or 4 wheelers were mandatory.


Ninja Eater -

You are correct; however, with the damn global warming, the 'good' snow line has moved pretty much into Northern Minnesota (for CONSISTENT snow). Probably I didn't explain 'waiting for 4-cycles' - I didn't mean more bikes, but 4-cycle snowmobiles (no oil injection, 99% less pollution, blah, blah, blah). Oh I forgot, I also have a 1982 Yamaha Seca Turbo that is my wife's training bike!!