I have an 06 LE and want to install a set of Illumiglo guages. How difficult are they to install and how well do they work? Standard or reverse style? Would appreciate feedback from those who have them.


The cluster is a snap to remove/install. Suggest you just send them to a pro. Illumiglo is a coating on the INSIDE of the lens and must be handled with care and the greenboard is nothing a newbie with a soldering iron should be fooling with either.


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Have a Group Buy for the members running this month..... Check out the Group Buy Forum for special pricing, everything is included (gauges, install, etc..)


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had the rev glow on my last bike.  the gauges slide over the needles.  kinda tricky, but do able.  don't take off the backing until you slide them over.  instructions say the opposite, but take my word.....  it doesn't f'n work.  then just run wires (splices provided)  here is where I got em
Hey Rocky Mtn. Busa,

I got your email. To answer the question, I had to remove the whole cluster from the bike. I then removed the screws holding the cluster together. The cluster is essentually an electronic board encased in two halves of plastic. Just carefully remove the board from the case and you'll have access to the guages and needles. The cluster itself is attached by two bolts onto the frame. When you remove the inner panels near the cluster, you will see the two bolts. Again, the guages I got from Street Racer Parts came with detailed instructions. I'd say it took me a good two hours to do.

I hope that helps.


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Its easy but if you want to do it right go to bluegauges I think thats the group buy that KS Waterbug has going.

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